Bugaboo snack tray- finally arriving late 2011….

BUT it won’t fit the Bee, so before you ask….. don’t. This is solely for the Cameleon, Frog, Gecko and Donkey. Maybe they will bring one out for the Bee shortly, I actually will ask them that at the show because it seems slightly silly to create a product that can only be used on 2 out of 3 of your items. But then again, nothing Bugaboo are really doing can be THAT silly because people are buying them like mad crazy.

The tray will replace the tummy bar, and only clip into one side. As you see from above, it will be a cupholder, plus have a second piece that clips in for food and snackies. No word on price for the US market, but its retailing for $60 in some overseas markets, so I guesstimate it will be around $40 here.

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3 thoughts on “Bugaboo snack tray- finally arriving late 2011….

  1. The TrayVous tray wont work for the Donkey though..so not for me. Thankfully bugaboo came out with some sort of snack tray to be used on the Donkeys which have no other options.

  2. LOVE this! Just got my donkey & I’m so excited for my toddler to have a not so messy snack/drink area! That was an annoying thing w/ my old cameleon…

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