The gorgeous Phil and Teds Promenade…..

One of my absolute favorites strollers from the ABC Show in September, the Promenade is now available for purchase and is just AMAZING. Its obviously a close competitor of the baby Jogger City Select, but here is why I like it more:

1. Better quality in every way. Especially in seat fabrics, my biggest issue with the BJCS.

2. The ability for each seat to be a bassinet. You all know I am BIG on bassinets, they are just so much better for babies than being stuck in a car seat or even laying flat with their legs up in the air.

3. I am not a huge fan of how the BJCS looks in single mode. I don’t think the Promenade has that issue.

Its $849 for the single and then $999 for the double. Pricey, yes. But worth it, especially when you think that its $700 LESS than the Donkey in the same configuration (two bassinets).

I can’t wait to start seeing these around towns.

New for 2012: The Maclaren ‘Globetrotter’

I know, it looks like a Volo. But its better (and more expensive, ha!) The Globetrotter has a seat that can recline in multiple positions, and an extended canopy for extra sun protection. Like all Maclarens, it includes a rain cover, one handed fold and carry and a lifetime warranty. I LOVE Maclaren, I think they make the best umbrella strollers on the market, and there is enough styles to get everything you need and nothing more.

The Globetrotter will be released in January 2012 in 5 colors: Red, pink, bright blue, black and a more muted blue-ish lilac-ish unisex-ish. It will retail for $199 in the US, which is another $70 over the price of the Volo, but I think its worth it for the extra features you get.

Because it doesn’t recline fully flat, its only recommended from 6 months up. It weighs just over 10lbs and has a weight capacity of a whopping 55lbs. Thats, like, Justin Beiber.

Britax Acquires BOB Gear…
“BRITAX Acquires B.O.B. Trailers, Inc.

Two of the top brands in the juvenile products category are coming together under the BRITAX umbrella. BRITAX, the world’s premier manufacturer and marketer of children’s car safety seats and strollers, today announced the acquisition of BOB, a leading, innovative, high-quality maker of jogging strollers. 

BRITAX successfully expanded into the stroller market by launching its B-Series of strollers in recent years (B-READY, B-SMART, B-MOBILE and B-SCENE). The company complemented its stroller offering earlier this year when it introduced its innovative, quick-folding B-AGILE stroller. Customers value the strollers’ versatility, light weight and easy-use characteristics. BRITAX car seats and strollers are sold globally in all major retailers and specialty stores. 

BOB, which began in 1994 as a manufacturer of bicycle trailers, is widely considered America’s premier provider of innovative, design oriented high quality “sport utility,” or jogging strollers. BOB’s line of successful products includes the BOB Revolution SE and CE, as well as BOB Ironman*, BOB Sport Utility Stroller and the BOB Stroller Strides* Fitness Stroller. Based in Boise, Idaho, the company now makes a full line of multi-functional strollers and accessories that is sold at retailers and specialty stores across the U.S. and Canada. Its strollers are compatible with popular infant car seats on the market today.

“Families want products that fit their lifestyles,” said Karl Kahofer, CEO of BRITAX Child Safety, “and BRITAX is committed to developing products and technologies that provide safe mobility and comfort for children around the world. This commitment is reflected in the design and engineering of all our products — especially our B-Series strollers and accessories. 

“We’ve admired for some time BOB’s ingenuity and commitment to customers and are convinced that its products, customer service, and business ethics make it a natural fit for BRITAX. This purchase reinforces BRITAX global leadership in child safety and mobility, and is fully in line with our international growth strategy. We have no plans to change the BOB name; in fact we are excited to expand the BOB product range globally.”

BOB cofounder and CEO, Roger Malinowski, is equally enthusiastic about the acquisition. “When we started this company more than fifteen years ago,” he said, “we simply wanted to design and manufacture the world’s best single-wheel bike trailers, and later, the world’s best strollers for active, sports-minded parents. When you look at the thoughtful engineering behind the BRITAX stroller line and the revolutionary design behind its car seats, you can see why our two companies will fit well together.”

The parties have agreed to not disclose the purchase price.”

Hmmmmm……… this is going to be interesting. I will disclose up front that I am not a HUGE fan of Britax strollers (their car seats on the other hand are amazing and I should basically just set up a direct deposit to them with how many I have bought over the course of six children….) so this news makes me a little nervous. Like every single BOB owner in the universe, I adore my BOB strollers and don’t want to see it messed with. You can’t beat their quality, construction and performance. So, I am hoping that this is a change for financial reasons only and that Britax doesn’t start making sweeping changes to any BOB model. I don’t want a Britax with a BOB sticker on it, and I doubt anyone else does either.

Keeping a close eye on this one!


Kinderwagon are a great little company, making double umbrella strollers on a single umbrella frame. The above is the Kinderwagon Hop, and has a combined weight limit of 80lbs (40lbs on each seat). The front seat can be used from 6 months on, and the rear second seat from 3 months and older- it has an almost full recline but not totally flat.

The weight of the Hop is 21lbs, and it comes in black and red. I think this is great solution for young twins, or two children close in age- excellent for traveling or when you don’t want to take up a lot of space. It comes standard with a cup holder, a rain cover and a matching diaper bag. It retails for $299.

The Kinderwagon Skip is a single umbrella stroller with a weight limit of 65lbs (!!!!) It is available in black and red, and also comes standard with a cup holder, rain cover and also a foot muff for keeping toes warm in winter. I fell in love with that GORGEOUS black and red bird design on the inside of the canopy, so pretty!

The Skip also has a bassinet available, so it is able to used from birth til… well…. with a weight limit of 65lbs you could probably take your kid to prom in it. Birth to Prom. ;)

The Skip also has a largish basket underneath and an adjustable handlebar. The bassinet is hard sided and retails for $159. The Skip itself retails for $329, so thats a total newborn+ set up for under $500. Definitely one to check out!!

ABC Expo 2011: MAMAS & PAPAS

I have a little bit of a crush on M&P, and always have. A Brit by birth, I have been following them in the UK for years, and was VERY excited when they came to the USA a few years back. This year they are dramatically expanding their US line, taking their strollers into smaller more boutique stores (the current models and styles will stay in BRU). A celebrity favorite, Mamas and Papas make fabulous strollers in some GORGEOUS colors.

Lets start with a newcomer to the US market- the Mylo. Yum.

The Mylo is a full sized luxury stroller and bassinet package. It has a weight limit of 50lbs, so quite high for a ‘high end’ stroller. The seat can face Mom or the world, and has a one hand recline. It can fold in one piece either rear or forward facing, or if you need it to be very compact, the seat can be removed and then its a very small space-taker-upper (official term, ‘space-taker-upper’) for apartment living or small truck spaces. The bassinet is hard sided and can be used as a stand alone bassinet for overnight sleeping and traveling.

As you can see from the photos, the Mylo has a lot of color matching accessories available, including a fabulous diaper bag and some lovely blankets. It will be launching in the US in February for $999. The Urbo was part of the original fleet brought to the states, but in 2012 there will be a few more color options. I loved this blue color, and the very pretty (and fashionable) plum next to it. The Urbo is a great little stroller that is both lightweight but full function. They have a 50lb weight limit and presently retail for $529. They are also compatible with either Maxi Cosi, Cybex Aton or Graco car seats.

The little sister to the Urbo is the Sola, who will also have their color range extended in 2012. My absolute favorite is this delicious denim with colorful stripes.

The Sola also has a weight limit of 50lbs, but only weighs 22lbs itself- a true lightweight! It is compatible with Graco, Peg Perego, Maxi Cosi and the Cybex Aton car seats. It is presently retailing for $419, SUCH a bargain! Of course, both the Urbo and Sola have reversible seats, large removable canopies and adjustable handlebars.

Mamas and Papas also have a huge fleet of lightweight umbrella options: The Trip, the Trek, the Tour, the Cruise and the Voyage. As you may be able to understand, my eyes began glassing over as the albeit wonderful PR rep started detailing the minute differences between all the five. Heres what I got: they come in levels from the Trip to the Voyage, to cover every lifestyle and budget. I also saw that they were very good looking. If you would like to read about the many differences between the many different styles, please see the Mamas and Papas website. If not, heres a cute photo of the Trip:


Sorry I have been lazy with writing these reviews, there are just too many!

On to Peg Perego. Their entire stall was PACKED from wall to wall with so many pretty things, and I just ran behind the PR Rep trying desperately to keep up- so forgive me if I dont cover everything.

The first thing to catch my eye was the pretty new fabric line: denim. It is a lovely soft, pliable denim- not thick and tough like denim jeans. The strollers below are (L-R): The Switch, the Skate, the Skate bassinet and the P4.

and they have these cute little button details:

So this year the Pliko and the Pliko Switch have been updated and renamed the Pliko4 (P4) and Pliko Switch4 (S4). The old ‘double’ front wheel has been changed to a single wheel thats much easier to swivel and maneuver than the older style. It really IS easier to push, just like the little hangtag says. :) The 2012 S4 will now also come with the ‘boot’ which is basically a strange word for the little cover that goes across the top to either keep toes warm when in seat mode, or to cover the whole bassinet when in flat laying bassinet mode. AKA the picture above with the button. I am already a fan of the Switch because I think its SUCH a clever stroller- it folds umbrella style in forward and rear facing mode, including when its a bassinet. So I am even more in love now they have dropped a wheel to improve the push.

Other colors new for 2012 include ‘Boheme’ (red and black), Newmoon (Bella and Edward….. just kidding…. black and brown), Regata (blue and white grey), Southpole (black and grey) and the very sleek Pois Black (black on black polka dots). All these colors are available as Primo Viaggio infant seats, the rest are mixed and matched between their stroller models.

They also had a new stroller called the Peg Perego Book, coming to the USA in Spring 2012. So named for its ‘open and close like a book’ design, I wasn’t a huge fan. Looked a bit cheap and not very Peg Perego-ish.

A side note: Peg Perego is one of the very few companies left who still have homeland pride in their products. Made in Italy for nearly 60 years, in the mid 2000’s they tried to see what would happen if they switched production to China. They weren’t happy with the quality of strollers being turned out with the Peg Perego name, so they withdrew and in 2007 they brought production back to Italy where they are still made today. Peg Perego make very well thought out, high quality baby gear- and for the people trying to avoid the ever present ‘Made in China’ sticker (and the quality that might come along with it)- Peg Perego is the way to go.